Cha cha cha changes

>> Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Chris is coming home early from his last day at Jiffy Lube. He officially goes on "vacation" tomorrow and starts his new job on Monday. We are looking forward to the double pay cheques and hope to be able to catch up on some bills, pay the RENT and get our car insurance renewed.

I have Chris home for a couple days which I love. I don't know why but there is just something safe and secure about having him here with us. Maybe its because I know he isn't driving on bad snowy roads with a hundred other drivers, many who are bad drivers. Maybe its because I know he is going to catch up on some much needed sleep and relaxation or maybe its just because I like having him around.

With his new job, the hours will be the same but his commute will be around 25 miles a day shorter. This will really help with the price of gas these days, which in itself is hell on poor people like us, even with our monthly allowance of government cheese!

All in all, I think this job is the change Chris needs. I think he will be much happier and hope this leads into something permanent. Who knows maybe a move to another city or state is in our future!

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