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>> Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Over a year ago, Chris sent me a text telling me to pack up the house. We were moving. He was offered and accepted a manager position at a brand new store in Hudson Falls. We had 3 weeks to pack and move an hour north. We found a great little house and did it. Chris worked hard at setting up his new store and even started to turn a small profit by Christmas.

Shortly after Christmas, his boss was having problems with the Saratoga store. The manager had quit suddenly, just as the one before him had done and the replacement manager was just too new to take the more difficult store. Chris was asked to trade his store to the rookie and take on the huge project of getting Saratoga back on its feet. Not only was the store deep in the red but it had on going staffing issues. Chris worked hard at it but could never quite break into the black. His boss transferred to another district leaving him with one boss 200 miles away who did not offer any sort of managerial support. The staffing issues continued losing staff due to quitting and maternity leave. The support from corporate was never there but they were quick to blame Chris for the years of issues that store has had.

After facing yet another string of 75 hr weeks with no overtime and constant criticism from corporate, Chris had enough. He interviewed for another company and was offered a job as Parts Manager. 40 hours a week but less pay. He took it.

This new job leaves us with a small problem. The less pay is significant. We were riding the line of pay cheque to pay cheque as it is but the stress of his old job was taking its toll on Chris's health. We have always made it through hard times and we will again. Standing together, budgeting and the big one. I started looking for part time work. The process is terrifying for me.

I filled out a few applications on Saturday and today was called in for my first interview! The job will be at the local grocery store not far from our home. They are only open until 9pm so the hours wouldn't be too late and of course I have all weekend open to work. I am trying not to get my hopes up but I think I would like this job. I am nervous but excited about going on my first interview in well 7 years. Even if I am shaking in fear, I will hold my head high and do my very best.

I wonder if it would be weird to have Chris hold my hand during the interview. :)

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