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>> Thursday, August 21, 2008

I've been cleaning up my house the last few days. Reorganizing, deep cleaning the hidden areas that don't rarely get cleaned.

It all started with our TV flaking out on us. We have a nice big 52 in RCA in the living room and the picture tube went on it. Luckily we had a service plan through Walmart and it is being taken care of. The bad part is, the electronics guy had to come pick it up and bring it back to his place to be fixed. They are quite busy and it may take up to two weeks to be fixed. This is the same place that Chris uses for work so he asked them if they could rush on our know since he gives them thousands of dollars in repairs a week!

So with the TV gone, that left a big hole in my living room. I vacuumed it all up, moved the rocking chair and from there I couldn't stop! I cleaned our room, moved the DVR and DVD recorder in there and hooked them up to the LCD TV. I vacuumed the dining room, living room, Elizabeth's room, our bedroom. I thought I was done. I sat down on my bed too watch my daytime weakness, Young and the Restless, and it was nagging at me. The playroom was still a disaster. I actually paused the show(thank you DVR) and tackled the playroom. I put away all of Elizabeth's dress up clothes, which are such a pain in the ass because she has them all over the place. I made the room Christopher friendly so he can go in there now and watch TV.

The house looks great. I still need to work on the kitchen floor and bathroom but I just did a major clean up in there recently so it is just a little touch up. My next big project will be getting bags of clothes ready for goodwill!

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