My first photo gig!

>> Friday, August 15, 2008

One of Chris's coworkers is getting married in Oct. She has asked us to photograph her wedding! Chris and her worked out the deal yesterday. $500 dollars, mostly shooting candids of the reception, some of the wedding and some of the bridal party.
They will do their own prints (probably through walmart or shutterfly) and I'm going to throw in a dvd video.

For our first shoot, it's pretty good pay! I will buy a speedlite 430 flash before hand, which runs about 250 dollars on amazon. We will still have a nice little profit for our pockets and hey free dinner and dancing!

She had asked me to do her wedding cake as well but since I don't have any supplies here I told her to check with walmart bakery. It would cost 150 dollars just for me to get supplies. The best price I could give her was 200. Walmart said 100(although no fondant like I would do, buttercream only). Since they are doing the wedding themselves and don't have a lot of money, Walmart is really the way to go.

I am excited!

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