Our Forth of July

>> Tuesday, July 6, 2010

We decided to keep the Fourth very low key this year. It was just too hot to be doing anything too extravagant.

We got up early and headed out to Walmart for some supplies. Charcoal, salad fixin's, and a certain little girl really wanted to spend her tooth fairy money. After much thought, she decided on a hula hoop. Somehow though, it was $5 and she only had $3 so Daddy bought her hoop and she kept her $3. I think she did it on purpose. Daddy is a sucker for his little girl.

We came home and Chris started on dinner. A beautiful little chicken placed up the butt on a can stand, rubbed down with a little Cajun salt mix and onto the grill for a long bake in the hot smoke. Chris added some hickory chips this time and it smelled amazing right away.

We set up the sprinkler and hopped into our swimsuits. The kids of course in patriotic swim wear. Then we all enjoyed the cool water on a very hot day. Elizabeth tried out her hoop and within an hour she really got the hang of it. She is going to rock the hula hoop contest next spirit day at school!!!

Dinner was amazing. The chicken was nice and moist with amazing flavour. We added a light green salad and some rice to complete the meal. Iced teas all around, it was a beautiful dinner.

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