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>> Wednesday, March 24, 2010

First I would like to apologize to any vegetarians out there for my following post. I am a carnivore, I love a good steak, love chicken and enjoy a pork chop now and then. Bacon, ham, beef stew, it's all good.

Last Saturday, Chris and I went to a local butcher. It is a small family run Mom and Pop business, supplied by the local farms. Organic, free range, tasty tasty meat. When we first walked in, we were a little overwhelmed. Not really sure what we wanted exactly, we could of picked from the small meat case or order a package to be cut to our own specifications. We decided on a combo package which includes beef steaks, roasts, stew meat, hamburger, pork roast, chops, ham, bacon, spareribs, italian sausage, whole roasting and frying chickens, and chicken breasts. The whole package of 62lbs came to $200 dollars. We requested a porterhouse steak to be cut right away and the rest to be picked up tomorrow. I am so thankful for our freezer. We would never be able to save this

We came home, Chris fired up the grill and cooked the most amazing steak we've ever had. It was almost sweet, buttery and oh so tender. Oh meat how I love thee!

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