Curling hair with flannel strips.

>> Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The best rags to use are strips of flannel. I used an old sheet. I snipped it about 2 inches wide (then just pull, it will tear straight) and did them twice the length of Elizabeth's hair.

You need the cooperation of your kids.

Put the strip on their head and have them hold it tightly, you don't want it to be loose. You want to start a few inches down the strip so there is a good part left to tie.

Take a section of (wet with a little hair gel combed in) hair and start to wrap it.

There are two ways to do it. Wavy:

You are going to corkscrew the hair around the strip, twisting the hair slightly as you wrap

For ringlets you will wrap the hair around completely without twisting:

When you get to the bottom, tuck the end around as best as you can, take the end of the strip and start to wrap it back around the hair so its completely covered (you want to have it flat)

When you get to the top, bring the end your child is holding and wrap it down to tie with the other end piece.

Let this dry overnight. Untie in the morning and gently unwrap from the hair. Run through your fingers or just leave as is, little hair spray to hold it and you're done!

This is the final result using the corkscrew

*** I used to do this to myself and would use a couple barrettes to hold the strip to tight to my head

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