Our trip to North Carolina Part 1

>> Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I am finally getting focused. We have all be suffering from a never ending cold and I haven't had the energy to post about our trip to North Carolina. I will try and do it in 3 or 4 parts.

Saturday, September 12th we decided to leave a day early for our trip to North Carolina! Chris had to work that day. After a quick meal of McDonalds, we hit the road a little after 5pm.

We quickly skipped through New York, New Jersey and on to Pennsylvania! A little past midnight, with kids sound asleep, Chris and I decided it was time for some food. We pulled into Denny's for some midnight pancakes!

An amazing thing happened when we finished our pancakes. A nice lady, who was dining with her husband, came over and told us how cute our kids are and how well behaved they were for it being so late at night. After the lady left, our waitress came over and asked what the lady had said to us. We told her and the waitress said,
"Well, they paid for your meal."


Apparently, the couple told the manager they wanted to pay for our meal because they were having such a fun time watching the kids enjoy their pancakes. We asked the manager to please send our thanks to the couple the next time they came in.

After our amazing meal in southern Pennsylvania, we flew through Maryland and West Virginia. At 3am, Chris decided he had enough. We found a Super 8 and pulled in for a few hours of needed sleep.

The kids had a few continental waffles (ie, reheated frozen waffles) and we were off again by 10am

We did not realize how long it takes to get through Virgina... it seemed to take forever! Finally we reached Tennessee.

Soon enough, after what seemed like forever, we reached North Carolina!!

We drove into the Smokey Mountains of North Carolina near Asheville. At 3:30pm, we reached our destination! Meeting Chris's bother, the OTHER Chris Boggie! His wife Denise, her folks who graciously lent us one of their beautiful cabins, and Denise's nieces, Danielle and Elizabeth.

At this point the trip, the car ride up and down through the mountains, and all the anxiety of meeting new people hit me hard. I had a horrible migraine and spent the first nice in the Cabin resting. So I will leave it at that for this post and pick up with the following days in the next post.

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