What a birthday!

>> Monday, August 3, 2009

On July 28th, I turned 30.

We didn't do anything for my birthday because Chris's accounting dept screwed up the expense cheque he was suppose to get. It was suppose to be a normal day at home but turned into a very abnormal evening!

After the kids went to bed, Chris was using my facebook account to play games. He is too cool for an account of his own *insert eye roll here*. While he was playing, I got a FB friend request on my phone from...Chris Boggie! I laughed and started to tease him about finally getting his own account. He said he didn't and had no idea what I was talking about. I brought up the request on the computer and saw that my Sister in Law and a random woman named Denise, I added the day before were mutual friends with this Chris Boggie. Imposer? Stalker posing as my husband?? I had to find out. I added him and send a simple message asking who he was and if he was some distant relative. He responded with a simple "I think so".


A few minutes later I got a long detailed message from the mutual friend mystery woman named Denise. She explained who she was and shockingly, who Chris Boggie was. Her fiance who was seeking out his long lost father. His father who happens to be my Father in Law.

I told Chris, this man says he is your brother. He was a little "eh" at first and knowing my husband I didn't push the issue. I responded back to Denise that we would need more time to let all of this soak in.

After everyone has recovered from the shock, emails flying every which way between my mother in law, my husband, Denise and this "new" Chris Boggie, we are so pleased to have new family members and are excited to get to know each other.

Chris was apprehensive at first but has embraced his older brother and we are planning a trip to their home in North Carolina sometime in September.

I should turn 30 more often!

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