School time

>> Friday, May 15, 2009

Elizabeth has been out of school since mid April. She is starting to whine for school work.

At Christmas, Santa sent her this really big preschool workbook. Hindsight says now, I should of kept the book nice and photocopied pages out of it but I didn't have any paper or ink so I just let her do the book. She is finished it and is now bored. If I had photocopied some of it, I would just give it to her for review.

Now I am looking around the internet for workbooks. I found a couple (at 10 bucks a pop!) that I *MIGHT* get her. They are preschool, kindergarten and Gr.1 range. I think the preschool would be great for review. Kindergarten will be good to get her moving on next year and Gr.1 just to see really what she can do.

Is it odd that my daughter is on a extended summer vacation and she wants to do school work? I will have to remind her of this when she is 15 and faking sick so she doesn't have to go to school!!

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