The Good, The Bad and the Injured.

>> Saturday, November 22, 2008

We should start with the good...everyone likes the good first right? One of the great ladies on one of my playgroups(Elizabeth's age) dug through her son's too small clothes and found some snow pants for him! Not only that but a couple of warm clothes and even a winter jacket or two! YAY! She was thankful to get rid of it to someone who needs it and I'm thankful I don't have to loose anymore snow pants to the mail thief! Oh about the mail? They are putting a flag on our address with instructions that all parcels are to be left inside the front door. She is sending her parcels to me through UPS. They are awesome and the UPS guy is easy on the eyes.

With the good there is always bad. And bad would be the two creatures I spawned. I don't know if its cabin fever from it being so cold out or what but these two kids have just been monsters lately! This morning, they were fighting over a car and Christopher bit Elizabeth in the chest. Right on her little boob. She now looks like she was part of some kinky S&M porno!

Speaking of pain. Chris out did himself yesterday. He teased me beyond belief when I nearly cut my thumb off with scissors on Christopher's birthday but now Karma has showered him in his own blood. Wow, that was a little too descriptive.
Anyway, yesterday at work while trying to cut some wires the sliced his index finger deep with a box cutter. At first, he though it's not that bad. That was until he saw the pool of blood on the floor. After soaking through 4 thick towels, they decided it was best to take him to the hospital. 6 stitches, a Tetnus shot and 4 shots of Lidicaine (which he said never worked) he went back to work. After wrappings paw, seriously with the bandages he reminds me of a dog with an injured wrapped foot, with a plastic bag so he could shower I finally got to see. 6 stitches on a cut that is about an inch long right along where your finger attaches to your hand. Stuff like that doesn't bother me a bit but it does him and while I'm looking at it, he is going pale. He doesn't find my interest in his injury at all amusing nor my jokes. Funny how he can dish it but can't take it. Typical man!

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