Bring on the buckleys!

>> Friday, October 24, 2008

I have another nasty cough. You know the kind, it just sits in your chest giving you a little tickle here and there. The kind of tickle that never goes away no matter how hard or long you cough?

I've tried all the OTC cough meds and nothing helps. Nothing in the USA that is. There is a OTC cough medicine in Canada called Buckley's. It is truly horrifying stuff. The motto for Buckely's is "It tastes awful. And it works!"

Here is a list of the "unique herbal ingredients"

Herbal Ingredients found in Buckley's line of adult liquids:

Camphor is a mild expectorant and respiratory stimulant. It also has mild anesthetic and antiseptic properties. Camphor helps to relieve chest congestion associated with colds and influenza (flu).

Menthol decreases nasal congestion through local anesthetic action and stimulation of cold receptors. When inhaled, Menthol can relieve coughs and the sense of oppression in the chest. This ingredient is used to relieve symptoms of bronchitis, sinusitis, and nasal congestion.

Canada Balsam
This is a liquid oleoresin from Abies Balsamea (Pinaceae). This plant is found in Canada and Northern U.S. from Virginia to Minnesota. Balsams have traditionally been used as an expectorant for coughs and sore throats.

Pine Needle Oil
Pine Needle Oil has historically been used as an expectorant for the treatment of coughs and chronic bronchitis.

Tincture of Capsicum
Capsicum has been traditionally used as a counter-irritant to soothe conditions of the throat.

Sounds yummy right? Hmm, I was just telling Chris that I could go for some Pine Needle Oil!

So this horrifying stuff tastes a little like monkey pee, or what I assume monkey pee MIGHT taste like, but it does work. It works so well, I have asked my parents to send me some. I am shuddering already, the gag will be next but hey no coughing!

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