Dear Cathy

>> Friday, November 16, 2007

Tomorrow is your birthday and you would probably be whining about turning another year older. Way older then me in fact who is still enjoying my 20's. I'm trying to very hard to remember your birthday is a celebration of your life but the fact that you aren't here to celebrate is still so very hard for me as is the day of your passing. I have so much I want to talk to you about. Watch you play with my kids, who I know you would adore. Especially Elizabeth who is so much like you and me together, the world should be scared. I remember you embracing your 30's as this wonderful passage into adulthood. I'm not sure you would feel the same about your 40's but hey a nice yummy cocktail helps that!

I miss you so much it hurts every day. I try to think of the laughter but it doesn't help the tears not fall. I know you are probably looking down at me, telling me to be brave. Trying to whisper a joke in my ear or even do something totally stupid to make me laugh like touching your tounge to your nose(which is totally freakish by the way).

Tomorrow is your Birthday and I will Celebrate your life, your laughter and your love.

I love you forever

My Guardian Angel
Dear Angel ever at my side,
how lovely you must be---
To leave your home in heaven,
to guard a child like me.
When I'm far away from home,
or maybe hard at play--
I know you will protect me,
from harm along the way.
Your beautiful and shining face,
I see not, though you're near.
The sweetness of your lovely voice,
I cannot really hear.
When I pray, you're praying too,
Your prayer is just for me.
But ,when I sleep you never do,
You're watching over me.

psalm 91:11-12

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