>> Wednesday, November 10, 2004

It's November now and you had your first Halloween. You were so adorable in your seal costume! I loved to watch you crawl around with your little flipper in the back!

You finally said Dada! He is so very happy and proud! You've also tried to stand alone and have been successful...even if it was only for a minute!

You finally had a doctor visit and we were surprised to find you only gained 2 oz in the last 3 months. Your current weight is 16 pounds 2 oz but gained an inch leaving you at 27 inches long.
I think it must be all the crawling you do now!

We started feeding you stage 3 along with stage 2 and added a meal of cereal at bedtime. You don't really like the beechnut stage 3 because its too thick. Gerber keeps you happy.
You've also started using a sippy cup and although sometimes you need help to tip the cup back, you are doing pretty well with it. You love juice!

I love you punkin

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