Introducing Elizabeth Catherine Boggie

>> Friday, February 13, 2004

Welcome to the world my sweet beautiful angel! We went to the hospital on February 9th and I was induced with a small little pill at 8am. After a couple hours, I really started to feel the contractions and then the Doctor broke my water at noon. Then the contractions really started! I was allowed to walk the halls for a while and that helped a bit. Around 4pm I was allowed to go into the birthing suite and the nurse filled up the jaccuzi for me. Oh it was heaven! I didn't want to get out and stayed in for over an hour. Then the epidural man came in to give me some pain medicine to help with the bad contractions I was feeling. After hours of breathing and trying to sleep, they cranked up some Pitocin to help the contractions. Daddy left to take a nap at Grammies and she and Aunt Melly came to stay with me while he was gone. At 5am, I was in alot of pain and asked Daddy to come back. I was only at 6 cm after 21 hours so they really pushed in the Pitocin and cranked up the epidural some more. At 6:30 I started to feel some pressure. I called for the nurse and she came to check me. 10 cm and ready to go! The nurses started getting the room ready and called for the Doctor. He was at home so I started pushing without him! At 6:50am, he strolled into the room and the nurse yelled at him to get a gown on or his clothes were going to be very messy. He got there just in time to help as I gave on final push. At 6:52 am, after only 4 pushes, you were born! He put you on my chest and Daddy cut the cord. The nurse moved you to the warmer and cleaned and weighed you while your Daddy stood closely by! After a couple minutes, Daddy got to hold you and gently put you into my arms. We tried breastfeeding right away and you latched on and started to suck like a pro! Your perfect little face, fingers and are so beautiful!

I got to take you home today. Its so nice to be out of the hospital and now we can really spend some time getting to know each other. My milk came down yesterday and now your starting to really nurse well.

I love you so much sweet angel! I can't wait to spend everyday with you!

Newborn Elizabeth

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